Cool Items I Have Found

I like to shop. I especially like it when I find things that speak to me and my wallet. Here are a few things I thought you might think are cool.

This Necklace is simple and beautiful in my opinion. It also comes in gold if you like that. I personally do not wear crucifixes as I believe they are a graven image which the bible says not to make, so I like simple straight forward crosses.

These ribbons I think are just a really great idea. I haven’t bought them but I think I might. They would take up far less room in a bible and lets face it when you have a few places you want to keep, that one ribbon is not gonna cut it.

Another item I want to get but haven’t yet.This study guide looks like it could be a valuable addition to my bible. I love delving deeper into things so this could be great.

This is a totally frivolous things but for some reason I like it. I mean really? its just markers, I guess that is marketing at work right? way to go advertisers you got me!

I have this bible cover and I like it because it has a handle and looks dressed up. I can fit my bible, pens, daily devotional and note book for writing down study notes/thoughts.

I love leather covered books. I have a couple leather bound journals and sketch books that I use. I guess its the rustic/vintage vibe I get. This one is a small one for use in doing small notes (I like this size for church to take sermon notes).

This Journal is a bit bigger approx. 5×7 inches. Its more suited to at home study, but also would be great if you like to journal. I know I should but for some reason just writing down random thoughts doesn’t appeal to me. But if you do it more power to ya!I do like journals like these for notes when studying things. I feel more intellectual for some reason. Maybe because it reminds me of some professor or scholar sitting in a library in a leather chair…sorry… what was I saying? oh, leather journals are cool.

I love the Poem “Footprints” by Mary Stevenson 1936 (There is debate as to who authored it but I believe she is the earliest).I also love it on things like this plaque.

Lastly, I love any kind of bag. Especially totes.

I also, look at places like because if an artist has made a painting or sketch or whatever, you can put it on an item you like, such as bags, cloths, travel mugs, device covers, blankets, or throw pillows. My sister had a small tote made with a quote from C.S. Lewis on it for my bible,and books that I take to study groups.I love it.

Well that is a few things I like and thought I’d share in case you thought they were cool as well. Maybe I will compile another list at a later time and post it. But for now,

God Bless

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