My Disclaimer

Why do I have a Disclaimer Page?

Well, I want to make a couple things very clear for those who read my blog.

  1. I am an unapologetic Christian. Which means I don’t feel I need to justify or quantify why I am Christian to anyone.
  2. I am NOT Catholic, I am a Christian who attend a Free Methodist Church. They are different things.
  3. I am NOT religious, I am Christian. Also two different things.
  4. I believe the only opinion of me that matters is Gods. So, I tend not to ascribe to the idea of kissing others butts to appease them and not make them upset.
  5. I believe God is in control of what occurs in my life and no one on earth gets the final say or can go against his will for me. The buck stops with him. So I do not bow to any person on earth… period. (Literally and figuratively).
  6. I believe the only way to Eternal life with God is by Jesus. Period. It doesn’t matter how good you are if you don’t believe in Jesus and his sacrifice for your sins. Only by his blood (the lamb) are we made clean and sinless. We must have a personal relationship with him, which requires repentance (real) and asking him into your life.
  7. I believe all people are equal and we should show kindness and love to everyone…but I don’t agree with how some live their lives. This doesn’t make me judgemental,racist or discriminatory. It means that just like I don’t think someone doing heroin is healthy, good or something I agree with, I don’t always agree with the life choices of others, but they are Gods children and he will judge their actions and choices not me. However, I will not say I agree when I don’t so don’t ask if you don’t want to know…
  8. I don’t believe being Christian means being a doormat. Quite the opposite actually, but Gods way.
  9. I don’t believe being Christian means being judgemental either.
  10. I am not writing this blog to open a debate. If you have legitimate, honest questions, and are not trying to be contrary or argumentative please feel free to contact me and ask me questions. However, I will ONLY respond to those that are legitimate questions about my Christian walk,and that are asked respectfully. 
  11. I am not going to be “Politically Correct” with what I say. I am not going to be rude or ignorant (nor will I entertain those that are). I will be straight forward and honest. I also don’t swear and don’t tolerate it so don’t bother if you email me because I wont read it.
  12. I am not a feminist. I am an equalist and believe in respecting men and their God given strengths,character traits and roles. I believe it is very wrong that the world is moving toward only worrying about woman and allowing the continual disrespect and degradation of the male role and characteristics.So, if you expect me to be singing a “women are the best and should rule the world” song, sorry to disappoint but I don’t think so.
  13.  I believe men and women are both representations of God, and therefore need to be respected and cherished as such. “Not wrong , just different” (Emerson Eggerichs- Love and Respect).Both men and women have aspects that when together and working in support of each other its a wonderful balanced thing. No male bashing here thank you!
  14. The Bible is the perfect word of God and is the final authority on anything. Period.
  15. I believe that reading the Bible daily, researching and gathering information for yourself as a Christian is absolutely vital and necessary to make sure you are not being deceived or confused with bad information. So please fact check everything! Including what I discuss. I also expect that if you say you don’t agree with my view, that you will provide supportive documentation for me to review as to why (if not just an opinion without you knowing why) if not, don’t bother.
  16. I use the NIV and Amplified Bible not the Catholic Bible which is different than non-Catholic Bibles.
  17. I believe everyday is a battle and as Christian we need to read the Bible, follow Gods direction and try to live as much like Jesus as we can. If we do that then we cant help but make a positive impact on the world.
  18. I am not a Pastor,Minister,Priest ect…

So that’s the basics of what I believe. There is much more, but these are the usual suspects that people get hung up on. If these are an issue for you then I suggest you don’t read my blog, because they are bound to come up. God Bless