Very Funny God

I am writing this Blog post to relate some stories that demonstrate how God works in various ways to impact us.

The first story is actually one of my husband’s experiences, so I am relating the story as best I can. One Sunday he was on his way to church without me (I don’t remember why I wasn’t there), when he decided to pray to the Lord about how he was feeling alone, and not of any concern to God. He asked the Lord “Do you even care?” He told him he wanted to know he was there and listening, well…

During church he was looking around the congregation and noticed a young man (late teens or so). He thought “I have never seen that guy before; it’s good to see new young people coming to church”. After church, he was sitting in the sanctuary waiting for a gentleman we take with us to church when the young man approached my husband and told him something along the lines of “Hello, can I tell you something I think the Lord wants me to tell you?” My Husband said “yes” and the man said “I am supposed to tell you that he loves you and knows you, cares about you and is with you …” My husband can’t remember the exact words because he was so stunned at the first part. Another intriguing thing is that the man wasn’t seen prior to or since this day. My husband and I wonder if he spoke to an angel sent by God to give him a word of comfort and acknowledgment directly from God.

The bible says: “Are they not all ministering spirits sent out to serve for the sake of those who are to inherit salvation?” Hebrews 1:14

Do not forget to show hospitality to strangers, for by so doing some people have shown hospitality to angels without knowing it.” Hebrews 13:2

There are more verses about angels helping, guiding, caring for humans at the command of God. So I think it’s very possible this was an angel. Which I think is unbelievably awesome and encouraging, because it means God is listening to our prayers and really cares.

The second story illustrates that God has a sense of humour even when he is prompting us to be obedient.

When I started my last job, I met a co-worker whom I found to be rather difficult for me to get along with. I found it a challenge to work with her. One day I was working at my desk through my lunch when I heard someone crying at a nearby desk. It turned out that it was this co-worker. I looked around the office and realized I was one of the only people in the office. So being the good Christian I am (sarcasm), I prayed for her. This was my prayer “Please Lord, send a person to comfort her in this time of need. Let there be a person who gives her comfort and helps her with whatever it is that she is going through. In Jesus’ name Amen”. Yep, pat me on the back and say “good Christian!” right? Nope. As I sat there I heard the crying get worse, and I sat there thinking “I have to ask her about such and such but I really don’t want to go over there” Then it came to the point I couldn’t ignore it , I had to go ask her a question. So, I went and stepped around the side of the cubicle and saw how upset she was. So, I said “Are you ok?”, she said “I don’t want to talk about it, it’s personal”. I said “Ok, well if you decide you need to speak with someone, I can listen. I don’t even need to say a word, and as a nurse there isn’t anything I probably haven’t heard. I won’t tell a sole, I don’t do that. I have had to deal with many really bad things in my life so I may understand more than you think, but if I don’t know what it’s like, I won’t say I do. The offer is out there if you need it.” That is when it happened; among a flood of tears she told me the situation. As it turned out, I had gone through the same thing, and I had just gone through counselling, and the Lord healed me up from it (to the point that I could talk about it without any negative emotion or embarrassment (true healing from the Lord).  So we talked, and it turned out we are very similar in life and experiences. We are now very good friends. The humor is that as I prayed that the Lord send someone, he decided it was going to be me (the very one who didn’t want to go). Ha Ha Lord, very funny….

Lastly, I recently made a promise to the Lord that I would do whatever my husband wanted to do on Sundays. Whether it is fishing or visiting people I would go no matter how I was feeling. I prayed that the Lord would help me to do so by managing my anxiety. This promise to the Lord is a big one for me because my husband can visit multiple people in a day and still want to visit more, where I feel like finding a place to be alone after one visit. Hence the promise, I wanted make a real effort to meet my husband’s need to socialise with me along. He has expressed that he prefers me by his side when he is out and about. For me though, this is a very tall order, especially when I was working full time. Now that I am still out of work I am less drained by the time the weekend comes, and I am now finding visiting people easier. Normally he gives me a heads up because he knows I need to get ready mentally for meeting people. But this one Sunday we found ourselves going to the home of a friend of his after an impromptu invitation. So, I said “sure”. I progressively got more “un-sure” as time moved on and as the time we were to be there crept closer. Anxiety is a horrible thing. I almost thought I would not go. Then I remembered my promise. So I prayed and asked for help. We went, and to make a story shorter, the wife of my husband’s friend is a lovely Christian woman who I find real, honest, and understanding. I enjoy her company and consider her a friend. I found we have similar challenges in our lives and that she understands some of the stuff I talk about better than most because, she also has dealt with the same issues. So the Lord blessed me going when I was thinking I couldn’t, by introducing another Christian friend into my life.

So through these experiences God taught me that he hears, cares, and is aware of our struggles. I also saw he has a sense of humor and will use it while teaching us things, and he blesses us when we do the things he asks us to do. I hope that these three stories were insightful for those reading this. I hope they help you to see how the Lord has used situations to comfort, teach or bless you in your own lives.

God Bless


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