So its been a crappy year in a lot of ways. Not just for me, I mean everyone. Pandemic, job losses, riots, weather issues. Just a bag of nasty.

I am a Canadian woman. I live in a rural area. I am white as white can be with brown hair. I know what its like being treated differently as an introvert woman. That’s it though. I have absolutely no clue what being hated due to race could ever be like.

I live in a country where, although there is racism, it is not as demonstrated, and apparent as other countries. In my world, even in our little rural town, its not socially acceptable what so ever, to say racist, derogatory, bigoted things. Although the news in Canada and politicians will say its just as bad as other countries, I disagree in part to that.

In Canada, it is not entrenched in the same manner as other countries. It just isn’t. It’s not as openly shown. Not against the Black community as I can see. I would say more with regard to Native community. Historically, our country was a place for slaves to come to live free. I must state I am not a historian. But, what I remember from history class is that racism in Canada seems to have been directed at Natives and Asian communities more so than others.

But, none of that is the point. The point is that I don’t get what it is like. I saw the tape of George Floyd. I was almost sick to my stomach (literally) I don’t get it. How can a people hate each other to that level for no other reason than skin colour?

God Made Us All.

What also bothered me was that no one pushed the cop off. There were other officers, other bystanders, and no one did anything.

Someone said to me “Well, they were probably scared that the cops would hurt them, or arrest them”. My answer : “So what if they did?, a man would be alive”.  Take Christianity out of the equation, how come others stood by? I am more than convinced that had enough bystanders converged to shove the cop off that they could have saved him. There were 4 cops I believe, to how many bystanders? I dunno, but I wonder.

And, as for the other cops, how do you take an oath to serve and protect and stand by and do nothing? again, someone said ” Well maybe they were afraid of him, maybe he was a real nut job and they were afraid of retaliation.” my answer: “If that scares them they shouldn’t be cops.”

Its sad, and frustrating. I think that lack of faith is not helping. When you don’t believe in a God that is going to ask you about what you did in your life, its easier to be afraid of the world here. But, if you are Christian and you believe God would be asking you “Why did you not intercede to help George?” That makes it a different ball of wax, doesn’t it?

I mean if I was there, and did nothing, then got hit by a bus walking away from the scene, I believe God would be asking me about my lack of action, and I’d have to say “I was afraid they would shoot me or arrest me”. Whats he going to say? “Oh, okay, I get it”. I don’t think so. I think it would be more like “So you feared those men and women on earth who do not own your eternity? but you didn’t fear my opinion of your actions? so you did not believe I could or would protect you?”.

Yikes. But if I as a Christian intercede to help, it could go one of two ways. One it I could get shot and end up in heaven, and God could say “Well, done Brooke, you placed your well being behind the well being of George, and now you are here with me in heaven and I am well pleased.” or I don’t die then, and George lived and I lived, and I die at 99, and God says ” You did well that day, I was, and am pleased with your willingness to show love, and strength amidst hatred, I am pleased you are here in heaven with me.”…yay!

I think to act is the only real option.

*Side thought: there are calls for decreasing police funding and someplace’s getting rid of the police. I don’t get how people think that is a good idea. I mean there is rioting, and violence, looting etc.. and law enforcement is present. What do people think will happen with none there? do they really think suddenly everyone will become model people, and treat each other so well that nothing would ever occur? Please.. get your head out of the sand. When blackouts happen, horrible things happen, and that can be one night with no real law enforcement help, let alone all the time.

People need to look to history, think about the wild west areas where there were vigilantes and a people took law into their own hands, and hung people on “hunches”, or the witch trials where practically the same mob/vigilant justice hung women based on one person testimony (which at times was simply a revenge accusation). Those calling for this are either ridiculously foolish, or arrogant in their moral view of themselves. If people are so good, and can regulate themselves so well, why do many Americans carry weapons?, why are we seeing looting, and rioting in their own neighborhoods, crimes against their neighbors that they have known their whole life?

Also, its been my experience that those calling for this are also those most likely to complain and blame cops and say that no law was around when they experienced crime and needed help, and then will call for, and protest that the government isn’t funding police enough.

Police are not the issue. Again this is painting the whole force with the same brush. The issue is screening, of officers, and proper training in deescalation, and cognitive thinking so that police are able to assess situations and act accordingly, instead of over reacting or under reacting. As well, as encouraging an environment where this type of attitude is not accepted, period.

And lack of Christianity in society as a whole (not fake Christianity, I mean real do what the Bible says Christianity. eg: “Love thy Neighbor as yourself type stuff”).

People on a whole, government, cops and citizens all need to be willing to do the right thing, meaning, risk their comfort, and well being to help another. Until people feel more compelled to intercede in situations like this, than they are to keep their head down and stay out of trouble, things won’t change for the better. And I believe Christians need to step up because we are the ones with nothing to loose. We die, we go to heaven, we don’t we have God on our side anyway, and with Him on our side who can be against us? Why not be the example? Is that not what God calls us to do?

God Bless and be safe and healthy.


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