Freedom of Speech or Is it?

Hello, boy its been a very very long time since I last blogged. I had decided when I started this blog that I would only write what I really felt strong about, and more importantly what I felt God was telling me to write about.

The result of that decision, is that over a year ago was the last time I wrote a thing. Today however, I have a few things to write on. So without further ado…

Freedom of speech…I have been more and more aware that “Freedom of Speech” nowadays means ” Freedom to say whatever you want, as long as I agree”. Well, that’s not freedom of speech is it?

If we are only allowed to say what others find “Non-offensive, politically correct, non-biased, inclusionary ” then that’s really just censorship in the guise of being “accepting, and non-judgmental”. Yet, it’s completely judgmental. If you say that someone can’t say they disagree with gay marriage for instance, because they are being “homophobic, and exclusionary, biased etc…” and you call it “hate speech”. Then you are judging their opinion against your own and deeming yours to be correct above all others. Well, my question is “Why are you assured your opinion is correct?”.

I think, that there is true “hate speech”, and “racist speech”, of which I find both disgusting, and when I am in situations where those around me decide to spew forth their vile junk speech, I quickly inform them that their opinion is not wanted or encouraged, and that they can save it for the other neanderthals they associate with, and I leave.

But, I don’t say they can’t say it at all, or that they can’t have the opinion they have. I will debate their distorted and un-biblical view but, they better expect that I will not curb my opinion to accommodate their sensibilities, or their need to have others agree with them.

Interestingly, its been my experience the people who never shut up about this type of stuff, are also the ones who can’t handle anyone with a different opinion, and they are usually the same type who label everyone opposing them as “intolerant and racist, homophobic etc…” and call for everyone else’s censorship.

I also, (when dealing with sharing my view),point to the bible, from where my opinion comes. Because I believe it is the only authority we can check our attitudes and beliefs against, and then they can if they choose read what it says on a subject.

Another thing I have noticed, is that whole families, or groups of people are painted with the same brush because of the statements of one person. Christians labelled as “Homophobic” because one “self-described” Christian spews hate speech against gays.

*Side thought: Christians are to love others whether gay or not, but , we are not to agree with the life style, just like not agreeing with a heroin addict living their lifestyle. Love the sinner not the sin. Like loving your kid even though they are not living the way you believe is correct, and healthy, ya still love them just don’t think its alright. I would help and be kind to a person who is gay or an addict because they are Gods creations, he expects me to show love to them, and he will decide their fate, not me, but I will not say either lifestyle is okay to appease others. The Bible states Gods opinion about same sex relationships, just as it does about being intoxicated (alcohol and heroin and weed all intoxicate).  I answer to him alone so I don’t apologize for my opinion of those two lifestyles to an human. I pray for the world as a whole. Just to be clear. Again, if you disagree, that is okay, but this is my blog, about my views, and I am not blogging to debate, just stating my thoughts.

Or a father says something racist and the daughter,son, wife are ostracized, and labelled as having the same opinion. Simply from being related, not because anyone actually talked with them or heard a racist thing come out of their mouth. For my part, I believe what the Bible says, and I believe I am accountable only to the Lord God Almighty, his is the only opinion that matters (not even my hubby’s, but his is second). Humans can take my life, but not my eternity, that’s his, and humans can only take my life if he allows it, so again, I only need to care about speaking his word, doing as he commands, and his will.

I pray more Christians speak Gods truth and not be worried about offending a world that is stated in the Bible as becoming more and more hateful of Christians before Jesus returns. Why as Christians should we be worried about offending the world if what we believe is the Lords word?  I believe Christians need to be honest and not shy away from sharing the word. I see too many scared of what the world will do to them. Well, what do you think God can do to you? he determines eternity…

God Bless and stay safe and healthy.

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