Blogging to Heal

I have slowed down dramatically on my posting for a few reasons. One I wasn’t sure how many people really cared to read my posts, but that really isn’t the reason I started this blog. I started it because I felt the Lord wanted me to do it. Two, I have always felt the only time to write is when I think God is prompting me to do so (usually this consists of something not leaving my head for days and me getting more and more excited/agitated by it).  At the time I wasn’t fully grasping the possible benefits of doing this blog but I am starting to recognise a few benefits.

For starters, I think my take on things is both unique, and at the same time more common than I realised. What I mean is that, some things that I have written about, others have either not thought of or felt differently about. However, just as often I had people say to me (in person, as well as comments left) that they thought as I did, but felt they were alone. Sharing a different view or helping others to feel they are not on their own are two very good benefits.

Also, it has allowed me to share things that I am experiencing that otherwise I would have internalised, which would not have been beneficial mentally or physically for me.

This has also helped me delve deeper into the word. As I have to read the word to get clear understanding about things before I blog. This in turn has really helped my walk with God I think.

Another unexpected benefit is that I have felt less alone. I actually really didn’t think about the fact that I might feel alone in things, and that having encouragement from readers would lift my spirits, but it defiantly does.

Most of all it is a way for me to minister to others as the Lord has said we all have gifting that we are to use in furthering his Kingdom. I think that one gift he gave me is an ability to discern Biblical truth from lies. As with everything, I don’t always get it right 100% of the time. But, I’ve been told I have good insight into situations and motives of others. I also think my faith that all will be handled by God to good ends, is also a gift.

I wrote this blog to encourage others to maybe venture out and talk about their own Christian walk. I believe our biggest Ministry is where our biggest hurt(s) is. Which means we all have some testimony that others may find valuable, but if we never share the struggles then we never get to turn pain into blessings. I for one feel much more blessed and freed by sharing what I’ve been going through. Thank you all for allowing me to share with you. I hope you continue to find my thoughts and experiences valuable.

God Bless

Brooke Simpson



  1. Thank you ❤
    So much truth here! You echo my own thoughts about blogging. I don't write either unless I have something burning/agitating within me that needs to come out. I hope you keep writing 🙂


  2. Thank you so much Lisa. I intend to blog until I feel the Lord is telling me to stop. I am glad to hear I am not the only one that waits until an idea is so annoyingly present that it cant be ignored. Once again I am learning you are never alone in life! Take care and God Bless. Hope your day is a great one! Brooke

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