God is good

And all the time God is good.

I have not posted in a few weeks as life has been challenging to say the least and I have been waiting for God to direct my writing.

I am now seeing God moving things with my ex-spouse toward a resolution. This is also a resolution that is what i proposed 10 months ago. So after 10 months and a lot of money spent, the whole situation has circled around to the beginning. Essentially what I offered way back was based on the honest situation we are in then and now.

But God is good and is bringing to light that I’ve not lied or been acting in any way with ill faith (although) that is what was the stance of my ex-spouses side. So praise the Lord for the ending of this part soon.

More recently, I had an experience that is well,… awesome.

As I’ve explained beforehand we are financially struggling. Actually I would say barley getting by. The Lord is meeting needs, but for example I know that my budget and the bills already are not matching. We are already behind. So as the months have been going on and no job, I’ve been very challenged spiritually. So I’ve been concerned. Actually I’ve been getting freaked out. So I’ve been praying a lot.I have come to a conclusion that for his purpose and eventual glory, God is allowing this challenging time. I cant wait till there is a reprieve though.

The awesome thing happened this past Friday when I went to a Christian music night at my church with my husband. There was a communion service to be held .At one point a man in our church who gets words from God (really he does, things he says have been proven true, or are things no one knows), stopped the progression of things and said ” I have a word from God for someone here, God wants you to stop worrying about your finances because he is handling it and you are to stop worrying, it will all be taken care of”  (or something close to this, honestly I don’t recall word for word as I was emotionally overwhelmed) as he looked in my direction, which was interesting since there was only 4 of us in that section of the church. I am convinced the message was for me. Why? because I had been discussing this exact thing with the Lord that day and was very troubled about finances. Also, I had an immediate and dramatic emotional reaction to his words , which I have never experienced before, I cant describe it but to say I physically tried to push back in my seat. Kinda like if a person saw a mouse or spider coming towards them and were scared and were trying to get away. Except I wasn’t scared but overwhelmed that God actually gave me a message.

Like I said…Awesome.

Then we had an experience that underscored that God is good and all the time he is good, and he actually really, tangibly takes care of those that love him.

Yesterday my husband and I decided to go for a drive to see the leaves on the trees change colour. For those that don’t have this wonderful experience, here in Canada, certain areas have trees that change colour as the leaves get ready to fall off. It can be vibrant red, orange, or yellow. This only occurs for a short time, so getting to see them takes planning. So we got into my husbands truck and started to drive. About midday, we were on a road and decided to pull over and take a picture.

When we went to leave and start driving again, we heard a loud pop and then the truck started to miss fire. A lot. So much so we couldn’t keep driving. So we pulled over and my husband started checking things. This road was a back road which was hours away from home. Many cars and trucks went by. Then a man stopped and asked what was happening my husband started talking with him, they checked under the hood. After a while they figured out that the coil on the spark plug was broken because the spark plug actually exploded out of the engine and busted the coil off. The man turned out to drive the same type of truck, and lived a few minutes away and fixed his own truck.

So he said he would go to his house and get some tools so that they could see if they could put it back together long enough for us to get home. As it turned out the spark plug had ejected out of the engine without stripping the threads that kept it screwed in. Miracle #1. When the man returned not only did he have tools, he had the part we needed (he said he had an extra lying around. Then he proceeded to do all the work to fix our truck on the side of the road. When he was finished the truck was running like it never had the issue. Then when my husband offered him cash for his help and the part he said no and refused to take it. WOW.

Only God can make sure that we broke down on a road where a man drives by and stops to help,who lives close by, drives and fixes the same truck type, has the EXACT part we needed, was able and willing to do the work to put the part on, and then wouldn’t take anything for helping us or the part, and only God can make it so that no thread was stripped and the spark plug was perfectly intact after being shot out of the engine. We believe that it was a miracle of God. That he was showing us no matter where we are he takes care of us and can make the impossible possible.

I believe God was answering my prayers for comfort and a demonstration from him that he cared and was taking care of things by showing me through all these things that happened.

God is Good and all the time he is Good!

God Bless






  1. This is amazing and just confirmed for me so many things. Thank you for sharing. I pray that God continues use your testimony to strengthen relationships with Him.


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