It’s only a movie/TV show/song/book.

I had a conversation with my family on the weekend about the quality of movies, television programs, music, and books that are now out on the market. We were discussing how they are very vulgar or violent most times, or the view point is very one-sided or disturbing.

Example of being one-sided is that all science shows promote evolution as a fact, which is very much not a fact. I am always astounded that people ignore the fact that it’s called “The THEORY of evolution”.  It actually tells you it’s a theory. Which means it is NOT proven! If it were, it would be a FACT instead of a THEORY. That however is usually not commented on or addressed. Instead it’s referred to or stated as fact, and used as a scientific fact to back up claims. The really frustrating and telling issue is that it’s never countered with “The Creation Theory”. Nope, that’s exclusionary, “fairy tale” mumbo jumbo. Hmmmm… I see a rather biased approach, don’t you?

If we talk evolution should we not have to talk about creation?  I mean in reality, Christianity is not the only religion with a “creation” origin story. Even though they may have a different deity or have many deities, there are quite a few religions with some form of creation story. Even the Greeks and Romans had creation stories.  Interesting then that talking and promoting creation over evolution makes a Christian exclusionary but discussing evolution over creation doesn’t make you exclusionary. So how are the Romans and Greeks not exclusionary? I don’t see people making grand claims that Buddhists or Muslims or Jews (to name a very few) are exclusionary simply because they have differing beliefs and Gods they believe in. So why are Christians exclusionary for believing in God as our creator and Jesus as our saviour? That is one way media is promoting a biased view, by promoting evolution over creation and acting that one is fact and the other fiction.

However, that’s not the main issue that came to mind regarding the media we take in as Christians. What I realised and have become more aware and concerned about is that as a Christian, I need to guard myself from accepting things that are non-Christian in my daily life simply because I think “It’s only a…” or “It’s not that bad”.  For example, a TV program that is very violent or has many story lines about violent offenses to people (especially children, women and animals). My husband and I used to watch Criminal Minds. Then we stopped because we found the repeating stories about pedophilia and murder of children very upsetting. This is just one show, there are many more. What my husband pointed out to me is that someone has to write these episodes, which means someone has to come up with the weird and disturbing things that happen in the show. That begs the question: Where do they get their ideas? And the answer to that disturbs me.

I couldn’t conceive of many of the things written about or shown in books, TV, music and movies.  If people are coming up with these ideas they are getting them consciously or unconscionably from somewhere, Where? How? How did these things become normal to make movies about or TV shows?  Increased sexuality and vulgar actions and language have also increased. The humour in movies and TV are becoming increasingly more “trashy” not “funny”. Toilet humor is the norm now. We say “well it’s not violent”. Yeah but it is basement humour. It’s no better.

The big issue with all of this is that if as a Christian I accept the small increases in these non-Christian attitudes then they become increasingly less disturbing and eventually I won’t see the issue, and that is THE issue. So, I am planning to be more vigilant and consciously not engage in, take in or be around things that are not Christian, because if it’s not for God then  it’s for satan, there is no grey area.

God Bless


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