What is this site about?!

How to be a Christian woman…sounds like quite a statement. For those of you who searched this question and got my blog I hope you are not too disappointed and will at least take in what it’s about.

So what is this site about? And why name it ” How to be a Christian woman” ? well…because it is what I’m trying to learn how to do, and anyone searching this topic is also trying to be a Christian woman. At least I presume that’s what your doing. If not , then you really got me as to why you looked up the topic.

I started this blog to let other women (and men)hear what I find challenging, encouraging, helpful, and needed for the daily walk of a woman following Jesus. I don’t know about you but it isn’t the easiest life, and daily challenges arrive. Sometimes those challenges are less difficult than others, but both require specific choices to be made, and if we are trying to be right with God then they also require biblical knowledge.

Thats what this site is about. My struggle to walk along daily with Jesus and be the Christian woman he wants and expects me to be. That includes figuring out what his expectations and desires are for me.

So, I plan to journal/blog about the struggle and triumphs of my life as a Christian woman in the hope that it helps others with their Christianity. I hope you visit again.

God Bless!

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